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"We are a Lifestyle Transformation Organization that currently specializes in  Meal Delivery and Healthy Event Catering!... But stay tuned as we evolve; our services will continue to expand. Our mission is to help you live a Happier, Healthier Life NOW!" "Life's Short,  Live Naked!"
Message to the Cooks
Turkey Meatballs and Zucchini Noodles
With a naked twist on a classic recipe, baked ground turkey makes these meatballs extra lean, loaded with herbs so they are jam packed with flavor and Zucchini turned into pasta like ribbons for a lower carb alternative!
Clean Chicken Stir Fry
We've disrobed your classic Chinese Stir-Fy and turned it naked. This low sodium alternative is sure to tantalize your tastebuds with a crispy mix of fresh vegetables and chicken marinated in an all natural Asian ginger sauce.
Fruity Shrimp Salad
Low in calories and fat,  this fruity salad is just one of  the many delightful recipes that employ shrimp, these little protein packed nutritious power houses are a delicious lean protein alternative. 
Greek Yogurt Parfait
Greek yogurt is an extremely versatile protein packed snack, however most store bought brands are loaded with sugar!  We've drastically reduced the sugar, added a few "special fixings," including a healthy dose of fats and antioxidants,  this protein packed snack is sure to rev up your metabolism and help you burn fat!
To ensure that our goal to satisfy your tastebuds are met, we encourage feedback. Please share any positive or constructive comments that you may have. And if you have a paticular dish that you would like to see added to our menu, feel free to place a request. 
Schedule Comfort
That busy work schedule makes it nearly impossible to eat healthy. Well, that reality is a thing of the past. We will do the cooking and the delivering. You just eat, enjoy, and lose weight.
Seductively Good
Our well crafted variety of meals are sure to massage your taste buds and leave you fulfilled and satisfied.
Nutrition Compliment
A solid workout plan is needed to compliment the benefits of a clean diet. Thus, we do more than cook, we also train.
take a sneak peak into the exotic menu that incorporates our passion to please
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